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25 March 2009

Crisis inventiveness

Is it me or are we seeing more and more labels that are distributing free promo tracks ?! I guess these labels are finally realizing that there is no future in protecting their music even more ...

Here is a free sampler of K7! Berlin based label. Some of their artists released: Annie, A Guy called Gerald, Erlend Oye, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, HERBERT, Joakim, Mathew Jonson, Kaos,...just to name a few.

Tracklist of the sampler

Hot Chip
My Piano (dub)
"My Piano" appears on "Hot Chip DJ-Kicks"

Carl Craig
Brainfreeze (edit)
"Brainfreeze" taken from Carl Craig's "Sessions"

Quiet Village
Circus of Horror
"Circus Of Horror" taken from the album "Silent Movie"

The Herbaliser
You're not all that
"You're Not All That" taken from the album "Same As It Never Was"

Awful Game
"Awful Game" taken from the album "iii"

Bomb The Bass
So Special
"So Special" taken from the album "Future Chaos"

The Matthew Herbert Big Band
The Story (edit)
"The Story" appears on "There's Me And There's You"

Dancers (edit)
"Dancers" appears on the upcoming album "Songs About Dancing And Drugs"

Boozoo Bajou
Flickers (edit)
"Flickers" appears on the upcoming album "Grains"

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  1. Ik heb de full cd van the herbaliser als ge die eens wilt...


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